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I am an avid reader and mom of 4 great kids. In my spare time you can always find me reading a book. I love to read . I have read alot of books . I use to read all paperbacks and hard cover books , then about 1 1/2 yrs ago I bought a Nook Color E -Reader and things have not been the same since . In the first yr of owning my Nook I read roughly about 200 Books . YES it is true . My E- Reader was the best thing I EVER bought for myself and I am so Happy that I made the decision to buy one . Now I own a Kindle Fire HD and I Love it even more then my Nook Color. As far as What I like to read . I like All kinds of Genres . Some of my favorite ones are Contemporary Romance , Young Adult , Paranomal , True Stories, and Erotica . To me a great book involves a Great story line , if A book can hook me in the first few pages I am in heaven and will read it through . I have not found many books that I have not followed through with and read . I do LOVE a great love story in a book , one that makes me smile , laugh when something is funny , makes my heart race, my heart stop , makes me cry . I love when there is a happy ending . I also love Alpha males , the ones that got attitude , hot looking, masculine , can keep their woman in line , protective , possessive , but also have a big heart at the same time .
A Changed Life - Mary A. Wasowski 3.5 stars. I had a hard time connecting with the characters in this book. I don't know why honestly. It was a great story with love, tragedy, friendships, love and happiness in the end.Nicolette who is seventeen years old finds her life changing when her parents decide to move from Chicago to California to better their careers. Nicolette is left with starting her senior year in a new school, having to make new friends and starting all over. Nicolette Meets Michael the son to a mutual friend of her parents and right off the bat she does not like him, but decides to be civil to him for her parents sake. Throughout the story we see Michael, stalk her, trying to get her to see that he loves her. Nicolette does not like him, does not want to be with him, but Michael stops at nothing to try to win her over. Enter Simon, Nicolette meets Him the same night she meets Michael, But with Simon she feels an instant connection and feels like she can truly talk to him. One problem Simon and Michael have a history, we find out what that history is pretty early on in the book. Nicolette and Simon start a relationship and things start to get more complicated with Michael for Nicolette. Simon wants Michael to stay away from Nicolette, but Michael does not listen. I don't want to go into all the details of what transpires from this point on but I will say this Michael does something to Nicolette that forever changes her life. I think this book should of come with some sort of warning about it's contents. Some readers may not be able to handle what all this story entails. I know I liked the story, I did feel though that there was just to much information, The details of her parents, I'm not 100% sure how I feel about that whole section in the story. I felt Nicolette had enough to deal with without that being thrown into the mix of what was going on. I will say this definitely if you want to take a chance on this story do it, Please don't let my review deter you from this story just because I could not connect with the characters and truly feel it does not mean you will not. Thanks Mary so much for sending this my way to read and review.