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I am an avid reader and mom of 4 great kids. In my spare time you can always find me reading a book. I love to read . I have read alot of books . I use to read all paperbacks and hard cover books , then about 1 1/2 yrs ago I bought a Nook Color E -Reader and things have not been the same since . In the first yr of owning my Nook I read roughly about 200 Books . YES it is true . My E- Reader was the best thing I EVER bought for myself and I am so Happy that I made the decision to buy one . Now I own a Kindle Fire HD and I Love it even more then my Nook Color. As far as What I like to read . I like All kinds of Genres . Some of my favorite ones are Contemporary Romance , Young Adult , Paranomal , True Stories, and Erotica . To me a great book involves a Great story line , if A book can hook me in the first few pages I am in heaven and will read it through . I have not found many books that I have not followed through with and read . I do LOVE a great love story in a book , one that makes me smile , laugh when something is funny , makes my heart race, my heart stop , makes me cry . I love when there is a happy ending . I also love Alpha males , the ones that got attitude , hot looking, masculine , can keep their woman in line , protective , possessive , but also have a big heart at the same time .
Three of Hearts - W. Ferraro I was asked to review this book by Wendy . I went into this book only knowing about it by the book blurb . Mae, an Oncology Nurse Moved to Hamden to get away from the business and fly by of Boston. She rents an apartment from Seth who is a widow with 3 kids. They immediately hit it off and from there a relationship is formed with Seth & Mae as well as Mae and the kids . I loved Mae, she was a normal Plump woman who cared about the people around her . She had a heart of gold in my opinion. Seth , who was a widow and father of 3 amazing kids . I liked Seth although I think his method of going slow in a relationship leads a lot to be desired lol . One thing I really disliked about Seth was the whole bar scene with Mae , That was totally disrespectful . In my opinion no matter what happens with someone when you talk to someone you supposedly love like that . That was my only fault with Seth . Overall this is a great romance story , about moving on after you lose one of the most important people in your life . It shows you that you can have love again when you least expect it .Book Blurb:Mae Turney is searching for the type of life and happiness she has never known but has only dreamed about. She's fortunate enough to find a great opportunity to live in an exterior apartment of a beautiful lake house in a small town in Vermont. When she realizes the apartment and scenery are not the only gorgeous appeal but the home owner, Seth Finn, is as well, she puts it all on the line for the chance at love. When she becomes comfortable and confident in her own skin and sexuality, Mae realizes that this place and this man is exactly what she came looking for. Knowing Seth and his three children are as special as they come, Mae bets the house, and prays she and her gamble are enoughI will be reading the next book in this series as well because I need to see if Dylan Mr. Playboy can settle down lol ….Thanks Wendy for the opportunity to read this story and get into the lives of Mae & Seth