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I am an avid reader and mom of 4 great kids. In my spare time you can always find me reading a book. I love to read . I have read alot of books . I use to read all paperbacks and hard cover books , then about 1 1/2 yrs ago I bought a Nook Color E -Reader and things have not been the same since . In the first yr of owning my Nook I read roughly about 200 Books . YES it is true . My E- Reader was the best thing I EVER bought for myself and I am so Happy that I made the decision to buy one . Now I own a Kindle Fire HD and I Love it even more then my Nook Color. As far as What I like to read . I like All kinds of Genres . Some of my favorite ones are Contemporary Romance , Young Adult , Paranomal , True Stories, and Erotica . To me a great book involves a Great story line , if A book can hook me in the first few pages I am in heaven and will read it through . I have not found many books that I have not followed through with and read . I do LOVE a great love story in a book , one that makes me smile , laugh when something is funny , makes my heart race, my heart stop , makes me cry . I love when there is a happy ending . I also love Alpha males , the ones that got attitude , hot looking, masculine , can keep their woman in line , protective , possessive , but also have a big heart at the same time .
The Final Piece - Maggi Myers AWESOME , AWESOME STORY ... there is alot of emotions in this book , Be prepared . It does touch on Sexual Abuse as well . Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart.Book Blurb : Life shouldn’t be about picking up the pieces.Beth Bradshaw has spent her life hiding from her tragic past. From the moment a trusted family friend steals her innocence until the moment another rescues her, she struggles to just survive.Surrounded by the comfort and protection of her extended family, Beth embarks on a journey of healing far from the horrors of her home. In her darkest moments, she meets a boy named Ryan. For one incredible summer, Ryan shows Beth what it’s like to act her own age.To feel free and let go.If only for a while.Years later, another tragedy threatens to shatter the life Beth has carefully crafted. When faced, yet again, with more pieces to pick up, Beth begins to question what her choices have cost her.Leaving her old life behind, she sets forth on a pilgrimage that will bring her back to the boy she could never forget. He wants to help her pick up the pieces of her life, but is she willing to do what it takes to become whole again?Can she trust him with a piece of herself?“Hell bent and beautiful, you're my heart.” I LOVED the characters in this book ... “I am the kind of broken they can't fix. I am no longer the same little girl they loved.” Beth ,A strong child , who grew into an amazing woman . She had not had a great childhood, Her parents are not the greatest and don't see things very clearly or notice things happening right under their roof .Tommy , Friend of her Uncles ,Protector. Everyone should have a Tommy in their life . He has been in her family since she was born and considered Beth a daughter of his and ALWAYS looked out for her . She was his baby girl ... Something happens to Beth one day and Tommy see's it happening and he goes off on her offender , and then packs her up to take her home to her Gran and Pops .... where she stays for the next 8 yrs ... while her parents get their act together ...Ryan, Cute boy, Nephew to Tommy, he grew up with Beth and always teased her while growing up , Until one day he looks at her differently and realizes he can't live her life without her. As Beth and Ryan finally Discover that there might be something there between them ,Beth's Parents come back into the picture 8 yrs after and scoop her up to go back home to Florida and tears her away from Ryan.“Pretty.” It is a LONG 10 yrs with alot of trying to move on and forget each other , neither one is happy but they continue on their lives paths separated . Until one day Tragedy strikes and puts Beth and Ryan back into each other's arms . Can the last 10 yrs of not seeing each other make a difference on where they are now ? Will Beth finally Tell Ryan ALL her secrets of her past ??? “..."he's the only thing that ever made me forget what it felt like to forget.” Great story , I would recommend it to anyone