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I am an avid reader and mom of 4 great kids. In my spare time you can always find me reading a book. I love to read . I have read alot of books . I use to read all paperbacks and hard cover books , then about 1 1/2 yrs ago I bought a Nook Color E -Reader and things have not been the same since . In the first yr of owning my Nook I read roughly about 200 Books . YES it is true . My E- Reader was the best thing I EVER bought for myself and I am so Happy that I made the decision to buy one . Now I own a Kindle Fire HD and I Love it even more then my Nook Color. As far as What I like to read . I like All kinds of Genres . Some of my favorite ones are Contemporary Romance , Young Adult , Paranomal , True Stories, and Erotica . To me a great book involves a Great story line , if A book can hook me in the first few pages I am in heaven and will read it through . I have not found many books that I have not followed through with and read . I do LOVE a great love story in a book , one that makes me smile , laugh when something is funny , makes my heart race, my heart stop , makes me cry . I love when there is a happy ending . I also love Alpha males , the ones that got attitude , hot looking, masculine , can keep their woman in line , protective , possessive , but also have a big heart at the same time .
Vain - Fisher Amelie This Book rocked me totally speechless , it truly was not what I thought it was going to be and I must say I am 100% happy that I read it . What an AMAZING story !!!!I was expecting something along the lines of Paranormal and there is not one ounce of paranormal in this book except the bugs encountered by the bathrooms . I went into this book clueless and wow - it was so great not to have any expectations and just read this story.You will love Sophie Price's journey all the way , although you may dislike her in the beginning ( I sure disliked her ) you will soon see that she is worthy of your love and you will follow her on one truly amazing journey to finding herself and her own self esteem .“No one can know sincere happiness, Sophie, without first having known sorrow. One can never appreciate the enormity and rareness of such a fiery bliss without seeing misery, however unfair that may be.” “Sophie Price, you are devastatingly beautiful.” Ian Ohh man Ian is just truly amazing , he is ohh so hot looking , caring about the people who mean the most to him around him and he truly has a heart of gold . you will love him from the moment he steps into Sophie's Journey and you will continue to love him all the way through to the end . I have no doubt about that at all .....“The truth is, I'm so deep in love with you, I can't see straight. The truth is, I've been afraid to admit it to myself, let alone you. The truth is, I'm terrified.” “You have no idea what you do to me. I've felt things for you these past few months that don't seem healthy. I've wanted you so desperately I'm afraid it may not be natural. You consume my thoughts, Sophie...You've arrested my senses and I can't seem to get enough of you. That's what scares me. I'm so deep there's no getting out for me. You own me, you know?” Sometimes you read a book that inspires you, empowers you. And sometimes, you read a book that completes you. This book, this fantastic, amazing, breath-taking, straight up stunning book, gives you everything and more. "The shortest distance between two points is the line from me to you.” this is a definite must read , don't let the cover or the blurb make your mind up , you must read this book .....