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I am an avid reader and mom of 4 great kids. In my spare time you can always find me reading a book. I love to read . I have read alot of books . I use to read all paperbacks and hard cover books , then about 1 1/2 yrs ago I bought a Nook Color E -Reader and things have not been the same since . In the first yr of owning my Nook I read roughly about 200 Books . YES it is true . My E- Reader was the best thing I EVER bought for myself and I am so Happy that I made the decision to buy one . Now I own a Kindle Fire HD and I Love it even more then my Nook Color. As far as What I like to read . I like All kinds of Genres . Some of my favorite ones are Contemporary Romance , Young Adult , Paranomal , True Stories, and Erotica . To me a great book involves a Great story line , if A book can hook me in the first few pages I am in heaven and will read it through . I have not found many books that I have not followed through with and read . I do LOVE a great love story in a book , one that makes me smile , laugh when something is funny , makes my heart race, my heart stop , makes me cry . I love when there is a happy ending . I also love Alpha males , the ones that got attitude , hot looking, masculine , can keep their woman in line , protective , possessive , but also have a big heart at the same time .
Need - Sherri Hayes I am going to do something a little different then I have done before with series . I read Book 1 Slave and jumped right into this one without doing a review of Slave first . The reason being is I wanted to do one big review of both with everything together in one review . So with that said here goes nothing . My heart is heavy, My Heart is Broken , My heart is full of happiness . How is that possible after what I have just read ??? When I started Slave within the first chapter My heart Broke For Brianna . I could not believe What Daren was telling Stephan about her . By chapter 3 my heart was so heavy with pain for her I was crying inside my own body . How could ANY human being do the things that had been done to her was beyond my belief . Let's re-touch on book 1 Slave : Stephan a High powered business man who owns his own Non-Profit company at the age of 25 yrs old . He became powerful because of the loss of his parents. He has worked hard for the company he owns and is very well respected by many people . He is also a Dominant . Upon meeting his high school friend Daren for a lunch one day , Daren proceeds to tell him that he saw this woman at a party and it looked to him like she was not there by her own free will . He told Stephan the woman was a slave , but she looked like a very terrified slave , who did not want to be where she was . Upon talking further with Daren Stephan found out that he would have to "buy" her from her Master in order to get her away from him . Stephan thought about this and thought , " The thought of “buying” a woman turned my stomach, but if what Daren said was true, I couldn’t just leave her there.I needed more information and ignored my food as it grew cold on my plate. his mind raced as to what he would do if he did in fact buy her , ( what would he do with her , could he treat her like a piece of meat and buy her ?" the answer was YES if it meant helping her and saving her from the hell she was in he would do it ... after all he lives and works to HELP people everyday . Stephan gets ready to go Buy the woman and once he arrives at the house she is at , he greets her Master and then meets Brianna . One look at her and he knows he will do anything in his power to help and save her and he buys her , and takes her home . Brianna is so broken and so deep inside her self that the slightest thing scared the shit out of her , she does not know what to think of her NEW Master , after all he did buy her , and that meant she was to serve him like she had her previous Master right ?? Brianna becomes even more closed up to herself and her surroundings as the days progress with Stephan , she does not realize that he is not going to hurt her , but she has absolutely no trust in him what so ever and she is just waiting for him to do what ever he wants with her like all the men previous have , BUT Stephan does not touch her in the way she is expecting , which confuses her to no end . she is very reserved by him and the things that he does for her . For the first Month Stephan does everything he can to build a little bit of trust in her and get her to open up just a little to him ... Brianna is slowly starting to open up , but if something spooks her or her mind wanders to far she falls into full blown panic attacks , which she thinks will result in her New Master punishing her . When he does not punish her she is left confused and not sure what to do or how to feel , This New Master is NOTHING like her last one ... Towards the end of Book 1 Slave , Stephan has now gotten her to open up to him a little more and talk some about what has happened to her , but with caution to the wind he takes his time with her and never pressures her into anything she does not want to say . He can see at this point when she is at the point of a panic attack and he calms her right down now with a simple touch of his hand on her , or him sitting in his chair with her on his lap nestled into him . Slow but surely Brianna is starting to trust him and open up a little more to him . He has introduced her to his Best Friends Logan And Lily who are also A dominant and Submissive and Lily has told Brianna that she is not Stephans slave , and never would be . NOW Brianna is more confused then ever , because she does not know why he "bought her " if she was not his slave . At the end of Book 1 Stephan tells her she is not his Slave , that he bought her to Save her and Help her .... she is confused and asks him why he did that and he tells her he could not stand to know what was happening to her and not do something to help her . he then proceeds to tell her he would like her to be his submissive .. She has no idea what a submissive is and he suggest she chats with Lily and ask her questions as Lily will talk to her and help her . We start off Need with Brianna trying to figure what to do now that Stephan has told her she did not belong to anyone and was not his slave . He explains what he did to help her , not to own her like she thought he had, but because he wanted to help her as he knew she was not where SHE wanted to be . Brianna has so many emotions and thoughts running through her mind that she does not know what to do with all this information . Stephan finds her cuddled up in her bed crying and he craddles her and comforts her until he gets her to calm down . Stephan slowly gets her to talk and open up some more through Need , he takes her out to dinner to get her into the loop of being around people because she does not feel safe around other people especially Men . She is starting to feel safe with Stephan . he has started to do things like , register her for college , talk about getting her a car, giving her a cell phone , She does understand why he is doing these things , but she does not say nothing out loud . Brianna is so lost , she does not know now what he expects from her or how she is to act around him now that she knows that she is not his slave . Stephan Handles her with major kid gloves and does everything he can to make her comfortable and to get her to open up to him . he has given her a Journal to help her to write down her feelings and to say things she is afraid to tell him or say to him . This seems to help her ALOT , she flows right into writing and then lets him read it at night and they discuss what she has written . he very slowly is earning her trust . Now as we progress more into Need , we all know by now that sex is the scariest things for Brianna . given her past we all understand why . My heart breaks for her with everything she wants , but also with everything she is feeling when it comes to Stephan because she is learning to trust him more , but she is also still so scared as to when he will "Take her " as far as sex goes . Stephan is slowly trying to work her into wanting to have sex with him as he has come to realize that he LOVES Brianna and he wants nothing more then to give her everything in the world and he wants nothing more then to show her how much he loves her . Ya they have kissed , but Stephan stops before things get out of control or before she goes into full blown panic . he handles her so carefully and he does it with so much care and love . I truly LOVE STEPHAN right now . Things progress for Brianna little by little , Stephan has gotten her to open up more and he finds out how she ended up where she did and he finds out also from his lawyer that it seems her father might have sold her to take care of his own debt . He is furious to think how any person could sell someone let alone your own daughter . Stephan vows to protect her and keep her safe from her father and tells her he will never let anyone take her away from him . they progress more into the touching and feeling of each other throughout the book and she seems to be adjusting well , and Stephan never pushes her to far .... One night he decides to turn things up a little and he gets more touchy feely with her and she likes it and she sets all reserve aside and asks him to have sex with her . He does , still handling her with alot of care and it is amazing for both of them .... We end Need with her opening the door to the Penthouse and her father standing there ... NOW I LOVED these two people , I loved how Stephan took such amazing care of Brianna . I love how Brianna who was so damn broken and closed up has slowly started to open up more and more and is realizing that she has feelings she has never felt for any man before . I can not wait to see where Sherri Goes with these two amazing people . I will be patiently waiting for book 3 to come this summer :)